Alumni Action

Friends and alumni we need your help saving Princeton Sprint Football by doing the following things:

  1. Sign our petition to show your support.
  2. Let friends and fellow alumni know of our cause via social media
    Facebook Page
  3. Attend President Eisgruber’s public appearances and ask for justification for cutting the Sprint Football Program
    Eisgruber schedule:
  4. Send letters to the Princeton Alumni Weekly.  We need letters in every issue until the program is brought back. or by mail to PAW, 194 Nassau St., Suite 38, Princeton, NJ 08542
  5. Complete our short 8 question survey
  6. Email Mollie Marcoux ( and request that in keeping with Princeton’s promise of transparency, they release the report and the injury data so we can examine the validity of this purported basis for the decision.
  7. Make a tax deductible donation
    Donate: Donation Page